They are made in-house, and not just the syrups, but also the smoked pineapple juice that leaves an aroma in the air. We have an exclusive selected list of cocktails, in which predominant flavours have been accentuated.

The Coconut cocktail, for example, is left in an infusion of kaffir-lime leaves for 24 hours, with lemongrass lending freshness to the drink. In the Grape one, gin, vermouth and cold, freshly squeezed grape juice are prepared with the same base to preserve the flavour.

The simple menu with explosive flavours by Chefe Flavi Andrade invites you to enjoy the view with friends and share a few dishes with drinks suited to each and every personality visiting us.

The idea is to bring the philosophy of the kitchen into the bar. The kitchen favours local artisanal products, and the bar is inspired accordingly