A casual menu meant for sharing and for the use of organic cutlery: your own hands.

In this menu, you will find many of our already classics, but also other novelties that will surprise everyone who visits us.

From classic Oxtail croquettes with homemade mustard, moving through Crispy mushrooms with curry mayonnaise, to a eggs, asparagus and smoked pork. The fantastic and irreverent hot dog in puff pastry, kimchi and chive mayonnaise are also on the menu. Notable among desserts is the Tonka bean foam, salty caramel, Port wine and goat cheese or Apple, sable breton and vanilla ganache, all of them perfect for sinking your spoon into at the end of a meal.

This menu is available from wednesday to sunday  from 12.30pm to 11.00pm.

Note that, with the changing of the seasons, the menu is subject to various alterations.


  • Mini tartlet with romesco sauce, pearl onion, skyr and dill | 4 pcs.| 9€
  • Pork croquettes, roasted garlic mayonnaise and fermented mustard | 4 pcs.| 9€
  • Iberian Pork smoked ham | 40 gs | 24€ 
  • Foie gras, truffle, Port wine and brioche | 23€
  • Crispy mushrooms with curry mayonnaise | 9€


  • Fried sucklien veal with traditional meat sauce and homemade pickles | 18€
  • Eggs, asparagus and smoked pork | 16€
  • Leek, pine nuts and pumpkin | 15€
  • Country chicken Caesar Salad, bacon and parmesan cheese | 15€

on a bread

  • Dry-aged hamburger with cheese, cornichons and watercress | 16€
  • Hot dog in puff pastry, kimchi and chive mayonnaise | 16€
  • Lamb paratha, pita sauce and lime | 2 pcs | 18€


  • Cod fish, potato, egg yolk and onion | 25€
  • Fish from the daily market, champagne and buckweat | 32€
  • Rack of lamb 600g, mushrooms and oven baked rice | 70€
  • Dry aged veal 400g, french fries and lettuce, onion and coriander salad | 40€
  • Grilled pork ribs 700g, barbecue glaze, french fries and homemade coleslaw | 41€


  • Bread, crème anglaise and raisins pudding | 9€
  • Pecan nut brulée | 9€
  • Apple, sable breton and vanilla ganache | 9€
  • Cheese selection | variety and price on request