A casual menu meant for sharing and for the use of organic cutlery: your own hands.

In this menu, you will find many of our already classics, but also other novelties that will surprise everyone who visits us.

From classic Oxtail croquettes with homemade mustard, moving through chopped fried pork with beer-infused gravy and pickles, to a Octopus yakitori, sweet potato and mango. The Japanese-inspired katsu sandwiches are also on the menu, as is cod fish, potato, egg yolk and onion meal segment. Notable among desserts is the Traditional “Abade Priscos” pudding with citric fruit, and the Roasted quince and lime sabayon biscuits, all of them perfect for sinking your spoon into at the end of a meal.

This menu is available from wednesday to sunday  from 12.30pm to 11.00pm.

Note that, with the changing of the seasons, the menu is subject to various alterations.


  • Mini corn tartlet, avocado and tomato | 4 Uni.| 9€
  • Oxtail croquettes with homemade mustard | 4 uni.| 9€
  • Iberian Pork smoked ham | 40 gs | 22€ 
  • Caviar and sour cream | 10 gs | 50€
  • Smoked eel, radish and chive sauce | 12€


  • Fried iberian black pork with tradicional meat sauce and homemade pickles | 18€
  • Hamachi, strawberry, kohlrabi, rhubarb and basil vinaigrette | 19€
  • Grilled eggplant, miso and fried brioche bread | 15€

on a bread

  • Dry-aged hamburger with cheese, cornichons and watercress | 16€
  • Roasted pepper on bread toast with anchovy and garlic flower | 12€
  • Black pork kebab, pita sauce and lime | 2 pcs | 18€


  • Cod fish, potato, egg yolk and onion | 22€
  • Wild shrimp, butter and chive | 27€
  • Fish from the daily market, garlic chips, lime and bread toast | 27€
  • Grilled dry aged sirloin 350gs, with french fries, lettuce, onion and coriander salad | 40€
  • Grilled pork ribs, barbecue glaze, french fries and homemade coleslaw | 37€


  • Dulce de leche, biscuit and coffee | 8€
  • Guava, mascarpone cheese and pecan nut | 8€
  • Chocolate, caramel and orange | 8€